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& The Warbirds

Adam Pearce is a born-and-raised Louisiana vocalist, lead guitarist, and song writer with a passion for rock n’roll. With a later start than most musicians, Adam didn't pick up a guitar until the age of eighteen. He soon fell in love with playing and knew music was his calling. He developed interest in songwriting and, before long, was looking to put together a band and hosting try-outs for singers. It wasn't until friends told Adam that his voice didn't sound half-bad that he put any thought into singing.


Throughout the years since, Adam's been involved in several projects - most notably his original band Black Magnolia. The band’s debut album, “Fields Are Burning," was released in 2012 and featured Randy Jackson of Zebra, who played a guest guitar solo on the song “Apocalypse.”  He's opened for several major bands in his day including Zebra, 12 Stones, Filter, Puddle of Mudd, and Louisiana Leroux. He’s also played major festivals throughout the South who's had headliners such as Foreigner, Kiss, Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Temptations, Sublime with Rome, Dee Snider, and Cowboy Mouth.

Adam's success grew substantially following his appearance on NBC's "The Voice". He chose Adam Levine as his coach and made it to the Top 20 on Season 13 (as the "comeback kid" from Season 12). Shortly afterwards, Adam Levine invited him to sing for the Maroon 5 Annual Halloween party in 2017. That night they covered only AC/DC songs with Adam Pearce singing, Adam Levine on drums, James Valentine and Andrew Watt on guitar, and Milo Decruz on bass. The night became extra memorable when Sammy Hagar jumped on stage to join Adam Pearce singing "Highway to Hell." The night before, they also surprised guests and performed for the Casamigos Annual Halloween Party. 

In December 2017, thanks to the support of his amazing Backers, Adam launched a very successful Kickstarter Campaign which allowed him to bring his newest songs to life with a new album. This new album was recently released October 31, 2018 as Adam Pearce: WARBIRD, featuring Kyle Thomas of Exhorder, Terry McDermott of Lotus Crush, and Paul Mirkovich who's plays keys for and sings duets with Cher.


Adam can currently be found performing his solo acoustic gigs as well as playing with his full band, Adam Pearce & The Warbirds, all over the state and across the south. As a true Zeppelin fan, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to sing with a great band called                                                                       and thoroughly enjoys these shows.                     

"Adam Pearce: WARBIRD" and “Fields Are Burning” by Black Magnolia can be found on this website  as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other major retailers.

& the warbirds

A very skilled guitarist, Shane brings excellent riffs and melodies to the band. He's a guitarist on Adam Pearce: WARBIRD as well as co-writer for both "Out of My Prime" and "Ain't That Something." He's recently been touring Europe and America playing bass for the heavy metal band called Crowbar.


Follow Shane on Facebook and on Instagram as @shanewesleymusic

A brilliant bass player, Casey adds depth and rhythm to the band. Casey's been a part of multiple bands in the past and featured on other albums.


Follow Casey on Facebook and on Instagram as @camino_thrash78

Jordan “Ngoma” Lewis is a drummer born and raised in the southern, humid bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana. He started playing drums at the age of 3 and began taking lessons as he became of age. As a teenager, Ngoma played snare drum in the marching band at St. Augustine High School where he marched in the Rose Bowl and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades. Upon attending college he discovered that he could pursue drums and percussion as a career and began working towards his calling of being a professional drummer.

Jordan Ngoma graduated from Southern University of New Orleans with a degree in
Business. During his time in college he played and toured with many local artist and bands such as Tereasa B. & N’ Style, Shaggadelic and Raw Revolution, Natalita, Bujie and The Highrise, Southern Arrow, and many more. Other than a professional drummer, Jordan currently works as a marching band drum director (instructor), middle school teacher, and the CEO of his
jewelry enterprise “Wire and Stones”.

Ngoma was asked to play with Adam Pearce a few years after he saw his stellar opening performance with Southern Arrow at House of Blues New Orleans. With the release of Adam Pearce: Warbird, Jordan has recorded drums and percussion on three entire albums. His drum influences include “Ilan Rubin, Carter Beauford, Thomas Pridgen, Eric “Boots” Greene, Chris Dave, Weedie Braimah and many more.

Follow Ngoma on Facebook and on Instagram as @ngoma_ndingubani